Poly-Char 2024

POLY-CHAR (https://poly-char.org/) is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation devoted to creating a collegial environment to share information, organise student exchange and cooperation, to hold international meetings and to provide a platform for scientists from all over the word in the field of Polymer Science and Technology. This includes researchers involved in experiments, theory and computer simulations to achieve a deep understanding of the connections between the structures, properties and applications of all types of polymers. One important aspect of POLY-CHAR is its multidisciplinary nature that traditionally includes chemists, physicists, biologists and engineers.

Another key point of the POLY-CHAR series is its special emphasis on the promotion of young scientists by providing a forum to create their own scientific networks. POLY-CHAR 2024 offers an established one-day pre-conference workshop for PhD students and young researchers imparted by well-renowned lecturers. In addition, this particular edition will have special dedicated sessions where brilliant researchers in the early stages of their career will be given the opportunity to present their work orally.

POLY-CHAR 2024 Madrid carries the underlying theme “Polymers for our future” with the aim to promote cross-discipline understanding between the classical branches of polymer science and areas of special current importance, such as sustainability, recyclability, energy, health and security. These topics will provide a transversal scaffold for the nine thematic sessions in the conference programme. See here.

We are very happy to announce the list of speakers, all prominent scientists from diverse fields with a wide geographical origin covering all continents, who will share their science with us at POLYCHAR 2024 Madrid. See here.

The Organizing Committee

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Spanish Institute of  Polymer  Science and  Technology (ICTP) Spanish Institute for the Structure of Matter (IEM) Euskal Herriko Unibersitatea - Universidad del País Vasco University of Alcalá Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)


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  International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry  


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