Hispanic Comics: Memory and Politics

Hispanic Comics: Memory and Politics (1970s-2020s) (3 ECTS)

The objective of the course subject Hispanic Comics: Memory and Politics (1970s-2020s) is to make an overview to the production of comics in the Hispanic sphere from the 70s to the present. In addition to covering introductory aspects of the study of the medium (brief history, language, etc.), the course will focus on the intersection between memory and politics in comics. Thus, the concepts of historical memory, collective memory, political memory or postmemory will be studied, what dialogue they establish with comics and how they have evolved over the decades in Spain and in different Latin American countries.

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Taught by:

  • Francisco Manuel Sáez de Adana Herrero  y Enrique del Rey Cabero

Dates of teaching:

  • Virtual:

    1-30 June – asynchronous

  • On site::

    11-15 July 9.00-14.00


  • English


  • Virtual / Face-to-face