Current times have shown that globalisation is not simply the movement or exchange of people or goods, but also information and knowledge. Today, as a result of the challenges derived from the forced adaptation of our traditional teaching and learning models to the use of the Internet, we find ourselves with much more dynamic, participatory and close possibilities of access to education. The traditional classroom instruction has been adapted and coexists, naturally, with online teaching or with mixed formulas, in which teachers and students share both real and virtual spaces. All of this, in addition, without diminishing the quality or the investigative and multidisciplinary orientation of the teachings. This novel situation has also permeated the internationalisation of studies themselves. In the past, one of the cardinal axes of university policies for international expansion was the promotion of face-to-face mobility of faculty and students. At this moment, new technologies allow an even greater amount of exchanges in which students and teachers of different nationalities participate synchronously in the teaching and learning processes.

From this range of opportunities tied to the new educative techniques, the International Summer / Winter School of the University of Alcalá is born, promoted by the Vice-Rectorate of International Relations. On the one hand, the School aims for international students who want to obtain ECTS credits and thus complete their studies, or for those that wish to take different subjects before their arrival to the University of Alcalá as exchange students. On the other hand, the School is focused on Spanish students, from the UAH or not, who want to expand their training through accredited transversal subjects. The catalogue of courses taught by our International School comprises the institutional purpose of promoting the objectives of inclusion, diversity, sustainable development and digitisation promoted by the University of Alcalá. In short, our International Summer / Winter School’s objective is to train global citizens who help contribute to the generation of social and economic wealth for the increasingly interconnected societies in which we live.

Welcome to the International School of the University of Alcalá.

Welcome to the University of Alcala. A university open to the world.