-  Regular rate 250.00 €   500.00 €  
  -  Reduced rate:        

     √   Students with agreement with UAH or CAM

140.00 €


275.00 €


     √   UAH Students

100.00 €   190.00 €  

Dates and prices

The specific dates and prices for the courses offer by the International School of the University of Alcalá shall be these that appear in this official website.

Cancelation policy

If the student decides to cancel the program once the registration fee has been paid, the International School shall apply one of the following criteria regarding reimbursement:

   1.-   70% reimbursement if the program is cancelled more than 30 days prior to class start date.
   2.-   50% reimbursement if the program is cancelled 30 days or less prior to class start date.

No reimbursement will be made once the program applied for has started.

Expulsion from the International School

A student may be expelled from the International School, and consequently the current signed contract dismissed, if their performance is inadequate, and particularly when:

1.-  The student causes mental or physical harm to classmates, teachers, other school staff, host family, university residences staff or anyone else.
2.-  The student causes any physical damage in the building, in the accommodation arranged by the International School, if applicable, or any place the student could visit during the stay in the school.
3.-  The student publicly exhibits racist, sexist or violent attitudes.
4.-  The student uses repeatedly inappropriately the services provided by the International School.
5.-  The student is involved in legal problems with the Spanish authorities, caused during the period of study in the International School.

In these cases, no amount will be refunded to the student. The cost of repatriation, payment of damages, if any, and legal assistance, if required, are responsibility of the student. The International School of the University of Alcalá will not take responsibility for any economic charge derived from the breach of the regulations.