Instructions for Poster

Instructions for Poster Communications

In addition to the Poster communication, all the participants will have the opportunity to record a video presenting the scientific content of their poster. Please follow the instructions listed below to prepare and upload your contributions:

1.- Make sure your poster communication has been accepted.

2.- Prepare your poster.

Prepare your poster    We encourage you to use the logo of the online EuCOMC XXIV in your Poster and Presentations. The logo will be available to download in the web of the conference. Click here
 Design your poster normally as if you were going to print it. Remember that the size is 90 cm. x 120 cm.

 Save your poster as a PDF file named as follows: Last name_Initial of your name_ poster.pdf (for example Smith_J_poster.pdf).


3.- Record your poster presentation

Record your video

 If you want, you can record a video with your poster presentation. To do this, install the software that you will use to record yourself on your computer. We recommend LOOM ( It is free for educational uses and easy to use. It allows you to record your presentation by alternating your image with your slides.

 Set the software to record with a minimum quality of 1080p (HD) - 1920 x 1080 pixels (720p if 1080p is not available) and in mp4 format. The maximum length allowed is three minutes with no more than three slides.
 Name your video file as follows: Last name_Initial of your name_ poster.mp4 (for example Smith_J_video.mp4). The preparation of this video will be optional.


4.- Send your poster and video


 Combine both files (pdf and mp4) into a compressed folder (.zip or .rar) and named it as last name_initial of your (for example zip). Send it before 15th August to the Technical Secretariat of the meeting by When they verify that everything is correct they will write to you to confirm it.

Further instructions about the online participation in the poster session will be provided in due time.


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