Virtual experience

Given the impact of COVID-19 and the current global uncertainty surrounding travel due to the pandemic, the Congress will be held as 20th International Congress on Public and Nonprofit Marketing -University of Alcalá Virtual Conference (on streaming and/or pre-recorded, this will depend on participants).

Here we will use Zoom, where you will be able to access by using you own “Congress Credentials” and explore around the different rooms where the congress will be held.

We are working hard and putting all our effort in order to have a great experience.

Alcalá Team will do the best in order to have at the end memorable memories from this Congress, World Heritage University and City.

International Association on Public and Nonprofit Marketing (IAPNM) University of Alcalá Grupo de Investigación del Comportamiento del Consumidor, de las Organizaciones y de los Mercados (ACCOM) Grupo de Trabajo 2030 ODS y Comportamiento Responsable del Consumidor y de las Organizaciones