On behalf of the International Association on Public and Nonprofit Marketing (IAPNM), we are pleased to announce that the University of Alcalá be hosting the 20th International Congress on Public and Nonprofit Marketing in June 2021, with the topic Public and Non-Profit Marketing within the Framework of Sustainable Development Goals”.

This is usually an annual in-person event organised by major universities aiming a friendly atmosphere and working environment for the presentation and discussion of the latest scientific and practical advances in the fields of public and non-profit marketing, as well as more general issues as CSRsustainability or responsible socioeconomic development. Contributions not only from marketing and management, but also from other related disciplines in these knowledge fields are welcome. It also provides a chance for productive meeting, encouragement of collaborative projects and nurturing of international cooperation networking.

Due to the exceptional circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic that limit face-to-face relationships, the 2021 edition of the congress will be online/virtual.

Topics to be discussed during the event include,but are not restricted to: 

  • Sustainability and responsibility issues in public,nonprofit and social marketing 
  • Responsible consumption and production 
  • Marketing and the UN Sustainable DevelopmentGoals 
  • Issues dealing with and potential contributions/solutions from public,nonprofit and social areas to health and socioeconomic Covid-19 crisis 
  • Green marketing 
  • Cause-Related Marketing (CRM) 
  • Marketing in transformative services (health,education, public transport...) 
  • Sustainable tourism approaches to destinationand city marketing 
  • Digital tools in public, nonprofit and social marketing 
  • Branding in public, nonprofit and social organizations 
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 
  • Sustainable socioeconomic development 
  • Value co-creation in public,nonprofit and social fields 
  • Public and private collaborations, FourthSector approaches 
  • Donation behaviour and management 
  • Volunteer recruitment and management 
  • Innovation andteaching experiences in the abovefields 
  • Other relatedissues 

In this 20th edition of the congress, the best papers within each topic will receive an award and second prize through a certificate with the mention of the “best paper presented in its topic of the 20th International Congress of Public and Non-Profit Marketing”. In addition, these works will receive a recommendation for publication in the special issues of JCR and SJR invited journals that will participate in the congress, which are the following:

Frontiers in Psychology (JCR Q2)


Sustainability (JCR Q2)


International Review on Public and Nonprofit Marketing (SJR Q3)


Cuadernos de Gestión (SJR Q4)


On behalf of the entire Organizing Committee, we want to invite you to present your papers and to participate in this 20th International Congress of Public and Non-Profit Marketing. We hope to greet you very soon.

Pedro Cuesta-Valiño y Azucena Penelas-Leguía

Chairs of Organizing Committee


International Association on Public and Nonprofit Marketing (IAPNM) University of Alcalá Grupo de Investigación del Comportamiento del Consumidor, de las Organizaciones y de los Mercados (ACCOM) Grupo de Trabajo 2030 ODS y Comportamiento Responsable del Consumidor y de las Organizaciones