Prof. Johan Hofkens

Prof. Johan Hofkens is full professor at the Faculty of Science (KU Leuven University). His research interests cover Chemical Energy Conversion, Optical DNA mapping, perovskites, Expansion Microscopy, Luminiscent Materiasl and Optical Trapping.

Stefan Hecht

Prof. Stefan Hecht, is the Chair of Macromolecular Chemistry, Institute for Technical and Macromolecular Chemistry, RWTH University.

Stefan Hecht’s research interests are primarily devoted to the development of macromolecular and supramolecular systems and their assembly/integration into materials, able to interact with their environment and respond to specific internal and external stimuli. Particular focus is on the exploration of light-responsive units to optically control and drive biological, chemical, and physical processes to realize unprecedented material properties and achieve new device functions.

Prof. Hiroshi Miyasaka

Prof. Hiroshi Miyasaka is full professor at the School of Engineering Science, Osaka University. His research interest focuses ons femtochemistry, multiphotonic photochemistry, and Nanometric Photochemistry.










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