Matlab fundamentals

Matlab fundamentals - 3 ECTS

The course is intended for technicians, graduates and/or graduates in any scientific discipline (engineering, economics, medicine, biology, social sciences, etc.) who are interested in starting to use the tool. It provides the foundations and basic skills to provide participants with the bases on which to develop their professional activity. The course objectives include:

  • Use of Matlab's work environment.
  • Management, processing and analysis of data, including manipulation of vectors and matrices.
  • Graphical representation of functions and data.
  • Basic algorithm programming with control statements, and strategies for code debugging.
  • Bases for working with symbolic language.
  • Main Simulink libraries (Matlab application that allows building and simulating models of physical systems using block diagrams).
  • Creation of graphical interfaces.

The course has a great practical component, so that the theory is accompanied by numerous examples and exercises oriented for the student to acquire competences in the handling of the tool, facilitating a dynamic learning, oriented to the student's necessities.  Access to the syllabus

Taught by:

  • Cristina Losada Gutiérrez



  • Mª Carmen Pérez Rubio


  • David Barrera Vilar


Dates of teaching:

  • July 2021


  • 10:00 to 13:30 hrs.


  • Spanish


  • Virtual