International Entrepreneurship (6 ECTS)

The International Entrepreneurship Course aims to facilitate the learning of the characteristics of business creation processes and to provide experiences, resources, simulators and tools that facilitate the entrepreneurial dynamics.
The course considers entrepreneurship from an interdisciplinary perspective, given the wide range of dimensions covered by the concept of entrepreneurship (finance, human resources, environment, strategy), in order to interconnect all the aspects involved in the entrepreneurial dynamics. Among the contents to be worked on are those related to creativity, agile methodologies (Canvas, Lean) and the development of customer relations

Access to the syllabus

Taught by:

  • Fernando J. Crecente Romero

Dates of teaching:

  • Virtual:

         13-15-17 July     18:00 a 20:00 

  • On site:

          28-29-30 June 9.00 a 13.00 y  15.00 a 19.00 

          1 July 9.00 a 13.00 y 15.00 a 19.00 

          4-5-6 July 9.00 a 13.00 y 16.00 a 21.00


  • Spanish


  • Virtual / Face-to-face