The Intellectual Output 4 aims at increasing the sustainability of Coop4EDU. It produces a comprehensive document providing clear understanding about the importance to support the creation of workflows among cooperatives and HEIs, in order to foster cooperative entrepreneurship, and to improve the relevance of higher educational programs regarding the needs of their local areas. It also focuses on the creation of a positive environment for partnerships among cooperatives and HEIs, and for the stimulation of cooperative entrepreneurship amongst youth.

The Intellectual Output 4The Intellectual Output 4 starts with an overview of the European as well as the national legislations/regulations on the cooperatives in each partner country of the project.

The second part consists of the presentation of the Coop4Edu course along with the knowledge and best practices acquired from the project’s experience. In this section the way the teaching/training activities of the project embraced the Coop4Edu vision is emerged as well as the extent to which this was succeeded within the project. The transfers of know-how among the partners, cooperatives and HEIs and exchange of good practices, the establishment of collaborations among the different institutions depict well the synergies among the partners of the consortium.

The last and most important part of the output is the possibilities and further development where a series of proposals and national policymakers benefits of youth cooperative entrepreneurship are presented, strongly supported by the consortium’s umbrella organizations, European University Foundation and Cooperatives Europe.

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