Co-operative College

Co-operative CollegeThe UK Co-operative College is an independent educational charity established in 1919 and is also a designated further education institution under the Education Act. The Co-operative College believes that “great things happen when people co‑operate. Through learning we empower and inspire individuals, co-operatives and communities to use co-operative values and principles to build a fairer world”. The current strategy ‘Shaping the Co-operative Future’, sets out the overall direction of the College and outlines four key strategic priorities:

  • Developing Co-operators
  • Building Co-operative Capacity
  • Advancing Co-operative Policy
  • Progressing Global Co-operation

Dedicated to the philosophy of the original Rochdale Pioneers, the Co-operative College is committed to the co-operative principles of education, training and information, co-operation amongst co-operators and concern for the community. Through the lens of the co-operative values we educate, train and capacity build individuals, organisations and communities in the UK and internationally in co-operative ways of working and thinking. The College takes a holistic approach and works in partnership with co-operatives, co-operators and communities, helping them to develop their co-operative knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours.

Since 1919 the Co-operative College has met its founding vision to ‘cultivate the co-operative character’ by inspiring the global co-operative movement with innovative programme design and support, and by making an important contribution to co-operative policy and practice.Co-operative College

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