City bus, train and on foot Alcalá de Henares has a modern bus service that connects the different areas of the city. The outer campus of the University of Alcalá, where the School of Engineering is located, is served by four urban bus lines (L1A, L1B, L2 and L3).
In addition, several intercity bus lines connect the external campus with the city of Madrid (line 227) and with other points in the region.
The external campus train station is connected to Madrid and to the other two stations in the city (Alcalá de Henares - central and La Garena) with commuter trains every 15-30 minutes.
The following table shows the recommended public transportation to access the School of Engineering from the most important hotels in the city.

(see map for numb.)
  Recommended public transportation
(estimated door-to-door travel time)
  Other alternatives
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7   City bus L2 (25-40 min, see map)   City bus L1B/ L1A, and L3
8   City bus L1B (towards the congress venue)
City bus L1A (towards the hotel) (40-60 min)
9   City bus L1A (towards the congress venue)
City bus L1B (towards the hotel)
  Walking (30 - 40 min)
10, 11   Option 1: Train line C-2 or C-8 to Universidad (freq. 15-30 min, travel 8 min) -> walk (15-20 min)   City bus L11
    Option 2: Train line C-2, C-7 or C-8 to Alcalá (freq. <10 min, travel 4 min) -> City bus L2 (20-25 min)    
12, 13   City bus L1B (towards the congress venue)
City bus L1A (towards the hotel) (40-60 min)
  Walking (30 min)


Map Legend

Train   Cercanías / Local train   C2 logotipo   Line number
      C7 logotipo    
        C8 Logotipo    
          Train station
Local bus   Autobús urbano / City Bus   Línea 2   Bus Line number
      Línea 1A    
        circulo   Bus stop
Shuttle bus   BUS STOP - Special transportation to the conference venue        
Flecha   Hotels and residences        
1   Parador de Alcalá de Henares   7   PCM Forum Alcalá Hotel
2   Lope de Vega Residence   8   AC Alcalá de Henares
3   San Ildefonso Residence   9   Campanille Hotel
4   El Bedel Hotel   10   Ibis - La Garena Hotel
5   Miguel de Cervantes Hotel   11   Ibis budget Alcalá Hotel
6   Evenia Boutique Alcalá Hotel   12   Alcalá Plaza Hotel


City map

City map


Centre_City_map   outskirts_city_map


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