Abstracts submission guidelines

Extended deadline for abstract submission May 31st!!

Abstract submission guidelines

Abstract Format: Abstracts can be written either in English or Spanish, using a Word processor (docx file), following the template available here: Abstract Template.

Submission: Abstracts will be sent online by this web. Only will be allowed an abstract per application form.

Deadline for abstract submission: 5th May, 2017.


IMPORTANT: Oral communications of 15 minutes will be selected from abstracts received before May 5.


Topics of the Abstract: Please, indicate in the same file of the abstract (bottom line of abstract text) the number of the Topic selected for the abstract (until a maximum of 3 topics, in order of preference), among the following Topics:

1.    Cell totipotency

2.    Organogenesis and regeneration

3.    In vitro embryogenesis

4.    Micropropagation

5.    Conservation and cryoconservation in vitro

6.    In vitro culture in plant breeding

7.    Genetic and epigenetic stability

8.    Transformation

9.    Protoplasts

10.  Biofactories and secondary metabolites

11.  Technological advances in in vitro culture

12.  In vitro culture and companies

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