30th RESER International Congress

January 21 st - 22nd 2021

University of Alcalá, Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, Spain

Research about services is moving from a sector and supply approach to an activity and demand perspective, where services generate value in any social and economic activity with a major role being played by users. Any company, industry, sector, city, region or country is able to generate value, business, economic or social value, when integrating new or improved services. Value through services is generated building on new ways of interacting between users and providers, between organizations and individuals, between public sector, business sector and third sector. These interactions are growingly based on co-creation and innovation, for which new technologies are of the utmost importance. This is the case of servitization processes, smart services are industry 4.0 in industry, and the case of digital transformation in public services.

The 30th RESER Congress, that will take place on January 21st- 22 nd 2021 in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid, Spain), focuses on value co-creation and innovation as a new dynamics shaping services nowadays aiming at improving the transformative power of services in modern societies: new avenues for new services worlds.

The RESER Congress includes several activities related to public and private services, before and within the Congress days. Particular mention has to be made to the joint RESER-COVAL Conference on Value co-creation, innovation and digital transformation in public services , on Thursday 21, the previous International Workshop on servitization, smart services and industry 4.0. and the Winter school on services innovation on Monday 18 and Tuesday 19, January 2021.

These events will be 100% virtual/On-line. We will provide details for connection to participants a couple of weeks in advance.

Below you can access the website of each event.