Thursday, 17th January 2019                                                                                Download the programme of the workshop here

10:30 Registration of participants

Opening and presentation of the workshop
Vice-rector of Graduate Studies and Students, UAH
Workshops organisers: Néstor Torres and Ángel Herráez

Session 1 (joint workshop)
12:00 Flipped teaching: principles and application to the topic of enzyme kinetics
Néstor Torres and Guido Santos
13:00 Lunch
Session 2 (small group workshops)
14:00 Ellaboration of an innovative flipped teaching proposal for one topic in a Biochemistry syllabus of a Degree in Sciences or Health Sciences 
Néstor Torres and Guido Santos
15:45 Coffee break
Session 3 (joint)

Presentation of proposals from each group and joint discussion
Néstor Torres and Guido Santos

18:00 Feedback of the day
Néstor Torres and Ángel Herráez
18:30 Welcome reception and networking

Friday, 18th January 2019

Session 4 (joint)
Taking advantage of available online resources

09:00 Ways to incorporate some freely available resources for a more efficient teaching
Ángel Herráez

Using Proteopedia to support teaching of biomolecular structure and function
Ángel Herráez

10:15 Coffee break
Session 5 (small group workshops)
10:45 Design of proposals that make use of some of the web resources or define which resources are desirable to be developed
Ángel Herráez
12:00 Guided visit to Cisnerian University 
13:00 Lunch
Session 6 (small group discussions)
14:30 Which changes are needed in the teaching and learning model for biosciences at the university system?
16:00 Coffee break
Session 7 (joint)
16:30 Presentation of ideas from each group, overall discussion and conclusions
17:30 Closing of the workshop
Decan of the Faculty of Sciences, UAH