Implementing more participative and engaging ways of teaching and learning biosciences

A FEBS-supported Workshop on Molecular Life Science Education


Among the international education community, it is well acknowledged the need of a change in university teaching practice, so that it adapts to new social realities, evolution of science and technology and the imperative of preparing the young generations for a life of continuous learning and adaptation to a fast changing professional environment.

With this workshop, eminently practical, we aim to offer opportunities for joint reflection and collaborative work in arriving to formulas that revitalise the teaching and learning process. It is not so much a question of instructing the attendees on educational innovation, but rather to provide some examples that will serve as inspiration so that, among all of us, we work on the building of materials which are viable for their use under the actual conditions and environment where we perform our teaching practice.

This initiative has been made possible, among others, thanks to support from the FEBS Education Committtee within its program for education workshops initiated by ambassadors for education in the FEBS Constituent (national) Societies.

Given this birth, the workshop is planned under a definition of university education in biochemistry, but we do not want to exclude colleagues teaching in other life molecular sciences, or even in different subjects; many of the situations and solutions will be similar in other fields and, in fact, we may all learn from a diversity of viewpoints.

We appreciate the support received from the University of Alcalá, specifically through the Dean of Sciences and the Vice-rector of Graduate Studies and Students. To celebrate this meeting, the University is lending us monumental and emblematic spaces. The cozy and familiar environment of the city centre adds to a good transport network from Madrid, which we hope will facilitate attendance of colleagues from all over the country, or even beyond our borders.

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