Practical management of digital marketing projects

Practical management of digital marketing projects -  6 ECTS

Project management consists of achieving the objectives proposed by your bosses, your clients, your promoters or whoever is going to pay you for your work and, of course, achieving your own objectives.

In this course, in a totally practical way and, following the same roadmap that we use in our professional projects, we are going to provide you with all the knowledge and practicality you need to achieve it and thus direct you towards professional Project Management, one of the profiles most in demand and best paid internationally.

Through our roadmap you will learn (step by step) to; initiate, plan, identify risks, lead, manage teams, execute, control, integrate changes... In short, everything you need to make your projects a success, reaching your objectives in the time and cost provided.

As for the specialisation in Digital Marketing program, it addresses everything necessary to use the tools and the online medium to publicise and promote a project.

We will deal with all the key aspects to design and execute a strategy in the online environment.

Social media are one of the essential points in all strategies. We will delve into this area and its trends through success stories and practical examples. We will see the main tools and techniques of online Publicity, such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Facebook Business Manager, as well as the types of campaigns and strategies to boost the recruitment of clients and conversion.

The definition of objectives is closely linked to the correct measurement, analysis and report of results. We will deal with the main analytical and reporting formulas and tools, as well as the development of marketing automation techniques to scale and optimise a business model. Access to the syllabus

Taught by:

Cynthia Poirrier

Graduated in Audiovisual Communication and Advertising, with a Master's degree in multimedia communication and a postgraduate degree in digital analytics. With 10 years of experience in the online environment, she has worked hand in hand with brands in the beauty and wellness sector. Natura Bissé, Living Proof, Matriskin, Amway, Tacha, Glossybox, Hotel Wellington, Hotel Bless, BBVA, Santander Bank are some of the companies she has worked with.  Directs e-commerce, e-learning and digitisation projects. Online marketing consultant, strategy specialist and trainer.


Julio Macías

Architect, MBA, Master of Architecture (M.Sc.Arch.), Executive Master in Project Management-Honors, Postgraduate Certificate in Education by the University of Málaga. NWC Strategic Program Management Office (SPMO) Consultant. National Water Company -Riyadh- Head Quarters. TYPSA “SUPERVISION SERVICES -FIRST STAGE PROJECTS FOR RIYADH WATER SUPPLY MASTER PLAN CONTRACTS” A total of 11 contracts with a construction budget of approximately 625.33 million dollars including steel and concrete tanks, pumping stations and transmission lines.

He has worked as a Project Manager for Saudi Oger, completing PN10 of the Princess Nora University program. Following that, he became Project Management Office Manager in TYPSA for the Riyadh Water Supply Master Plan Contracts. Presently, he is a Strategic Program Management Consultant for the privatisation projects in the National Water Company and is involved in the studies and design of a multi billionaire water infrastructure project to extract, treat and deliver 800,000 m3/day of water from Haradh to Riyadh.

Jesselys Hernández

Consultant, mentor and trainer of people and organisations. Agile coach in Autentia.  Helps to create and implant strategies to give products to the clients in an agile way. She is passionate about managing products with and for people.

Santiago Ramón Torres 

Santiago Ramón (Ravensburg, Germany 1961) is a Associate Professor in the Area of Organisation of Companies at the University of Alcalá. He is certified by Stratagyzer in the Business Model Canvas (Boston 2016) and is member of the first promotion of the School of Business Angels of the Deusto Business School (Madrid 2017). He began his professional experience in the implementation of business models as Managing Director of the German supermarket company LIDL, which was established in Spain in the 90s. He got specialised in Interim Management since 2001, and therefore has 20 years of experience in the generation, validation and implementation of different business models


Dates of teaching:

  • July 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, 13, 14, 15, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 2021


  • 10:00 to 13:30 hrs.


  • Spanish or English


  • Mixed (virtual or face-to-face)