eBusiness Technological Trends (3 ECTS) 

Technologies of information and communication (IT) have demonstrated to be essential at moments like the ones we have lived/are living because of COVID-19, through the digital transformation of society and organizations and through the maintenance of the sanitary, working and formative activity. The course will demonstrate in a practical way the ICT tools needed to redesign a company's workplace, improve the organization and enable the development of new business strategies. 

Access to the syllabus

Taught by:

  • Mª Teresa del Val /Antonio de Lucas Ancillo  

Dates of teaching:

  • Virtual:

        11/07/2022 16.00 a 21.00

  • On site:

        19/07/2022 16.00 a 21.00

        20/07/2022 16.00 a 21.00

        21/07/2022 16.00 a 21.00

        22/07/2022 16.00 a 21.00


  • Spanish 


  • Mixed (virtual and face to face)