Comprehensive reading: reading workshop in spanish

Comprehensive reading: reading workshop in spanish - 3 ECTS


Vision of the Literature in Spanish from the 19th century to the 21st century. A list of readings (both from Spain and Latin America) will be offered, which students must have read before classes. This way, debate on the works in question will be encouraged.


  • To present an overview of Literature in Spanish from the 19th century to the 21st.
  • Analyse how to approach literary texts for native Spanish speakers.
  • Analyse the literary work in its historical, social and cultural context.
  • Compare literary texts from different periods to assess the evolution of literary movements, from the linguistic point of view. Access to the syllabus


Taught by:

Graduated and Doctor in Hispanic Philology and Master's degree in University Teaching, she is a University Professor and corresponding Academic of the Royal Spanish Academy. She has developed the following lines of research: Spanish Grammar, Literary Criticism, Linguistic Historiography, Applied Linguistics (with special attention to the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language, but also as mother tongue), Lexicology and Lexicography, Spanish Dialectology (with special attention to the Spanish from the Canary Islands and America) and Spanish Phonetics.

She has published 2 dictionaries, 10 books and more than a hundred articles of her specialty. She has worked in SFL and directed the projects "Sueña", "Vuela", Intensive Spanish, "Nuevo Sueña", Culture Course and Literature Course with Editorial Anaya (more than 250 teaching materials for Spanish as a foreign language). She has given teacher training courses and conferences in 49 countries around the globe. Currently, she is the Director of Strategy and Innovation at Alcalingua at the University of Alcalá, a task that she combines with teaching as a university professor.

Dates of teaching:

  • June 28, 30 and July 2, 12, 14 and 16, 2021


  • 9:00 to 11:30 hrs.


  • Spanish (B2 level at least)


  • Virtual