First steps in conference interpreting

First steps in conference interpreting (3 ECTS)

The aim of this course is to introduce students with previous training in the field of Modern Languages ​​and Translation to conference interpreting. Students will work in collaborative way, and they will be simulating in every session the real situation of the interpreter so as to provide training in accordance with the requirements of the profession. There will be 6 sessions of four hours each (three face-to-face and three online) in which they will work with theoretical concepts related to conference interpreting and they will practice in booths and online (using the Kudo, a software for conference remote interpreting).

Access to the syllabus

Taught by:

  • Raquel Lázaro Gutiérrez, Ingrid Cáceres Würsig, Elena Alcalde Peñalver

Dates of teaching:

  • Virtual:

    6-7-8 July  10.00-14.00

  • On-site:

    27-28-29 June  10.00-14.00


Spanish and ingles


Virtual / Face-to-face