Thursday, 16th May 2019                                                                           

09:00-09:30 Registration and delivery of documentation
Session 1
Chair: Pablo Martín-Aceña
               Universidad de Alcalá

The Roots of Regional Welfare: From Urbanization and Schooling to Portuguese Height Growth, 1924-1950
Adam Brzezinski(1), Nuno Palma(2) and Alexandra L. Cermeño(3)
(1)Oxford University, (2)University of Manchester, (3)Lund University

Discussant: Isabel Sanz 
                           Universidad de Zaragoza
10:50-11:40 It Was Personal: Politics and Military Promotions in the Second Spanish Republic (1931–1936)
Álvaro La Parra-Pérez
Weber State University
Discussant: Diego Palacios
                            University of Stirling-UCM
11:40-12:15 Coffee break
Session 2
Chair: Jaime Reis
               Instituto de Ciencias Sociais Lisboa
12:15-13:05 Complex networks to understand the past: the case of the roads in the Borbonic Spain
Federico Pablo Martí(1), Ángel Sánchez(2) and Ángel Alañón(3)
(1)Universidad de Alcalá , (2)Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, (3)Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Discussant: Alfonso Herranz
                           Universitat de Barcelona

Testing the Hajnal hypothesis: an analysis of the determinants of marriage patterns in Spain, 1840-1870
Carlos Santiago-Caballero
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Discussant: Joana Maria Pujadas
                           Universitat de Barcelona
14:00-15:30 Lunch 
Session 3
Chair: Daniel Tirado Fabregat
               Universitat de Valencia


Against the Grain: Spanish Trade Policy in the Interwar Years
Concha Betrán(1) and Michael Huberman(2)
(1)Universitat de Valencia , (2)Université de Montréal
Discussant: Pedro Lains
                            ICS Lisboa
16:20-17:10 Staying dry on Spanish wine: the rejection of the 1905 Spanish-Italian trade agreement
Jacopo Timini
Bank of Spain
Discussant: Vicente Pinilla
                            Universidad de Zaragoza
17:10-17:45 Coffee break
Session 4
Chair: Ángeles Pons
              Universitat de Valencia
17:45-18:35 Which role has the irrigation played in the regional differences of Spanish agricultural production? Analysis during the second globalization
Ignacio Cazcarro(1) , Miguel Martín-Retortillo(2) and Ana Serrano(1)
(1)Universidad de Zaragoza, (2)Universidad de Alcalá
Discussant: Carlos Mario Gómez
                           Universidad de Alcalá           
18:35-19:25 Globalization and Welfare State in Spain, 1850-2000
Sergio Espuelas
Universitat de Barcelona
Discussant: José Ignacio Conde-Ruiz
                           Universidad Complutense de Madrid
21:00 Dinner
La Hostería del Estudiante

Friday, 17th May 2019

Session 5
Chair: Isabel Bartolomé
               Universidad de Sevilla
09:30-10:20 The Great Divergence in European Real Wages Revisited: Evidence from Annual Employment in Spain
José Joaquín García Gómez(1), Eva Fernández García(2) and Jacob Weisdorf(3)
(1)Universidad de Almería , (2)Universidad Carlos III de Madrid , (3)Syddansk Universitet

Discussant: Ángeles Pons
                           Universidad de Valencia


Is Female Empowerment an Antidote against the "Resource Curse"? An analysis of the gender-specific local impact of the copper industry in 19th and 20th century Huelva
Dácil Juif and Katharina Mühlhoff
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Discussant: Carmen Sarasúa
                            Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
11:10-11:45 Coffee break
Session 6
Chair: Luciano Amaral
               Universidad Nova de Lisboa
11:45-12:35 The Kuznets´curve in Spain: new evidence on top wage incomes (1860-1940)
Miguel Artola Blanco
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Discussant: Esteban Nicolini
                            Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
12:35-13:25 Consumption patterns, demand and the export growth of Mediterranean products in the first globalization: the case of olive oil
Ramón Ramón-Muñoz and Alba Roldán
Universitat de Barcelona
Discussant: Ernesto Clar
                            Universidad de Zaragoza
14:00 Lunch

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