The University of Alcala's Computer Science degree is among the world's top 200-2013.

Internationalization: the University of Alcala is Spain's leader in attracting international students -2014-

Employability: the University of Alcala is Spain's third best for postgraduate students -2014-

The University of Alcala's among the world's top 700 for the third year running. -2014-

Two of the University of Alcala's subjects (English studies and Literature and Modern Languages) are among the world's best 200. -2015-

The University of Alcala's one of the best in the world for Arts and Humanities. -2014- 
The University of Alcala's awarded maximum scored (five stars) for teaching, internationalization, innovation, infrastructures and social commitment. -2013-
    The University of Alcala achieves excellence in international mobility and securement of external funding for research. -2015-
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