Facts and figures

The University of Alcalá, a modern medium-sized institution has:


√  Around 16,000 undergraduate students  


√  Accommodation for 1,300 in seven halls of residence

√  13,000 postgraduate and ongoing education students 


√  193 research groups

√  2,500 teachers and researchers 


√  Over 160 doctoral theses examined annually

√  11 students per teacher


√  Work placement agreements with over 4,000 companies, leaders in their respective sectors

√  5,000 international students


√  5 associated teaching hospitals and cutting-edge centres for biomedical research

√  40 undergraduate programmes


√  1 Teaching Support Centre for Health Sciences

√  3 University Research Institutes: the Benjamin Franklin University Research
    Institute of North American Studies, the University Research Institute of
    Police Sciences, and the University Institute of Economic and Social


 1,200 work stations, 24-hour study room, 20 rooms for group work, 5 multimedia rooms, all in a space of 9,000 m2 and fully adapted to the needs of disabled users, as well as being environmentally friendly and sustainable.


√  7 libraries and one Learning and Research Resource Centre (CRAI), with
    European  400+ Seal of Excellence


√  Research Support Centres: for Medicine and Biology, for Chemistry, for Applied Chemistry
    and Biotechnology, and for High Technology and Official Approval (CATECHOM)

√  80 master’s and doctoral degrees and 375 specialist training programmes



 UAH Facts and figures