Workshop on Application of high throughput genotyping technologies

for forest tree species identification and timber tracking


Madrid, 13-15 September 2017


Wednesday September 13th, 2017


11:00 h

13:00 h


Isabel Canellas, Deputy Director General of Research and Technology INIA, Spain and
Maria Luisa Marina,
Vicepresident for Research and Technology Transfer, UAH, Spain

13:10 h

OECD Theme Coordinator

Ichiro Nakayama (NRIFIS, Japan)


Workshop Introduction

María Teresa Cervera (INIA-CIFOR, Spain) and Carmen Díaz-Sala (UAH, Spain)

13:45 h

Session I: Economical, legal and environmental aspects of the timber illegal logging and trading
(20 min presentation + 10 discussions)

    •    EU Timber Regulation and its implementation across the European Union

  Hélène Perier (European Commission -  DG Enviroment; Forest and Wildlife Policy Officer, Belgium)

    •    Science and technology to meet legislative and market requirements

  Shelley Gardner (U.S. Forest Service, International Programs, USA)

    •    INTERPOL's Project LEAF (Law Enforcement Assistance for Forests) against forestry crime

  Claudine Leger-Charnay (Environmental Security Programme, France)

15:15 h

Coffee break

15:45 h

Economical, legal and environmental aspects of the timber illegal logging and trading
(Continuation) (20 min presentation + 10 discussions)

    •    International cooperation on tropical forests: Governance, legality and ITTO

  Steven Johnson (ITTO, Japan)

    •    Global Timber Tracking Network phase II: Network and activities

  Jo Van Brusselen (EFI, Finland)

16:45 h

General discussion:

"How molecular tools may support woody species discrimination and to what extent?"


Thursday September 14th, 2017


09:00 h

Session II: High-throughput technologies to identify tree variability
(20 min presentation + 10 discussions)

    •    A set of electronic and genomic resources for discriminating genetic units in oaks

  Antoine Kremer (UMR 1202 Biodiversité Gènes & Communautés, INRA, France)      

    •    Development of genomic tools for the establishment of an effective traceability system: what needs to be
         taken into account?

  Nathalie Isabel (Natural Resources Canada -Canadian Forest Service, Canada)

    •    Use of genotyping technologies for the identificacion of forest tree species

  Valerie Hipkins (U.S. Forest Service, USA)

    •    How HT SNP genotyping can help timber tracking

  Patricia Favre-Rampant (INRA US 1279 EPGV/CEA/CNG, France)

11:00 h

Coffee break

11:30 h Session III: Bioinformatics analysis and database generation based on high-throughput information
(20 min presentation + 10 discussions)

    •    Cost-effective approaches for variant calling and analysis in complex plants

  José de Vega (Crop Genomics Group, EI, UK)

    •    TreeGenes and CartograTree: Enabling georeferenced and integrated genomics data for forest trees

  Jill L. Wegrzyn (Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Connecticut, USA)

    •    Bioinformatics tools and resources to study plant genomes

  Lieven Steck (Bioinformatics & Systems Biology, VIB, Belgium)

    •    Developing an expert database and a reference database with the Global Timber Tracking Network

  Tommi Suominen (EFI, Finland)

13:30 h


15:00 h

Session IV: Application of DNA technologies to prevent timber illegal logging and trading
(20 min presentation + 10 discussions)

    •    Development and application genetic reference data based on SNPs for timber tracking of tropical tree species

  Bernd Degen (Thünen Institute of Forest Genetics, Germany)

    •    Opportunities for Improved Transparency in the Timber Trade through advanced DNA analysis

  Andrew J Lowe (Centre for Conservation Science and Technology, University of Adelaide, Australia)

    •    Some challenges to implementation of high-throughput genotyping technologies for DNA forensics in the timber market

  Stephen Cavers (Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, NERC, UK)

    •    SNPs based timber tracking tools for African mahogany Khaya sp

  Marius R.M. Ekué (Bioversity International, Cameroon)

17:00 h

Guided general discussion and preparation of a roadmap:

1. Samples: Reference samples & optimization of standardized protocols for DNA extraction from wood

2. Technologies for SNP detection and genotyping

Coffee service available in the room

Friday September 15th, 2017

09:00 h

Guided general discussion and preparation of a roadmap:

3. Technologies for SNP detection and genotyping (continuation)

4. Data base generation for integrative analysis (design of multispecies genotyping technologies)

5. Network to develop and implement open access standardized tools to prevent illegal logging and trading
12:00 h Wrap-up, conclusions and outcomes. Draft preparation of a joint briefing note highlighting the most relevant outcomes of the meeting
13:00 h

José Manuel Jaquotot
Deputy Director General of Forestry and Forest (Ministry of Agriculture and Fishery, Food and Enviroment, Spain


Coffee service available in the room
13:15 h Lunch


Workshop sponsored by:

The OECD Co-operative Research Programme:Biological Resource Management for Sustainable Agricultural Systems

Other sponsors: