Guidelines for presentations in parallel sessions

To those speakers/chairs and authors in parallel sessions

(those speakers in plenary session have different instructions related to time)

As this is a virtual congress, we have to take into account several considerations:
Connection links will be sent some few days before the congress, tentatively before Monday 18th.

We recommend speakers and chairs to connect 5 minutes before official starting time of their sessions to check connections and confirm order of presentations.

Presentations shall not be too long. We recommend each paper/presentation will be presented between 10 and 15 minutes maximum. Time can be a bit more or less depending on the number of papers in each session and it is up to chair to decide this. Most sessions last 75 minutes for 4 papers. We want free time for Q&A and debate and to have a more dynamic congress and shorter presentations than in face to face conferences.

Chairs are in charge of opening and closing the sessions, acting as timekeepers, and moderating the Q&A discussion. Changes in the order of presentations may be also decided by chairs, if needed, but in exceptional basis and for force major issues, such as technical problems in one presenter.

Presentations will require the use of video camera from all speakers.

The platform to be used in the congress will be ZOOM (premium version subscribed by the University of Alcala). Parallel sessions will be run in the mode of standard ZOOM, so everyone will be able to participate with video camera and interact. (This will not be the case in plenary sessions where only the presenters and chairs will have the right to use camera and speak).

Q&A will be run by chair of the session given the word and camera to those making questions after raising virtual hand and being selected by the chair (in plenary sessions Q&A will be run through the Chat only).

Speakers can use power point or similar software as desired. Format and template for presentations is free. No need to use a particular format or template. Speakers will be included as presenters in ZOOM so they can share their screen.

We will have university staff support for possible technical issues.

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