The Workshop

International Workshop on Business Servitization and Industry 4.0

Why servitization and industry 4.0?
Competitiveness of industries is more and more based on the services they provide. Many manufacturing firms has become into firms that deliver services in which goods are just one element, thus, to study servitization is essential in order to create a greater costumer-orientation and co-creation with costumers that improves competitiveness. On the other hand, Industry 4.0 is the technological side of the servitization process that implies a new way of organizing services-oriented production. The future of business growth, both in manufacturing and services, is largely depending on the smart use of services and integration of servitization in new business models.

Goals of the workshop:

  • Learning latest trends on servitization and industry 4.0
  • Sharing international experiences
  • Networking among the participants


  • Company managers
  • Consultants
  • Researchers
  • Students

High level experts with deep experience in both servitization practice and research. Representatives of major institutions from advanced countries: Germany, UK, Japan and Finland.

Additional Training
Besides, this international workshop, this training is also provided:

  • Training course in Service vision, Leadership and Strategy for Coproduction on Monday 15th 2020
  • Training course in co-creation and innovation for public innovation on Tuesday 16th 2020
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