Education InnovationWe understand the educational innovation as a planned process of changes aimed to improving the educational system and student learning. Different university members have reclaimed the importance of the role of the teachers in the innovation and to create a forum for discussion and exchange of experiences.

This context of meetings brings together academics, students, researchers, education professionals and other experts interested in the subject. In addition to inviting lecturers of international prestige, the congress is open to the participation of the people signed up through forums, symposia, posters, etc.

The theme of the congress focuses on innovation issues, such as methodologies and strategies for teaching innovation, use of ICT in classrooms, historical perspectives of innovation, teachers training for innovation or research methods, among many other ideas.

We also have the presence of important personalities within the scientific committee that endorses this event, both national and international.

In addition, we want to take advantage of the opportunities offered by ICT to reach many people who could not travel hundreds of kilometers to attend a face-to-face conference.

We encourage all people interested to participate actively and to join initiatives of this type. And, finally, we want to thank especially the institutional support of the Universidad de Alcalá (Spain), the Universidade Aberta (Portugal) and the Universidade Federal de Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil). Without their support, this congress would not have been possible.