The III Congreso Virtual Internacional and V Congreso Virtual Iberoamericano sobre Recursos Educativos Innovadores will be held entirely at a distance using the Moodle platform. The virtual space for the congress will only be open from 2 to 5 December. Once the event is over, there will be no access to the forums and communications.


In order for a participant to receive the certificate of participation, he or she must register for the event and make at least 5 comments in the virtual forums opened in Moodle. Once the participation has been validated by the organizing committee, the certificate of attendance will be sent by e-mail.


Once the programme of the event has been published, participants will be able to find out the day on which their contribution will be published in Moodle. Each contribution and forum will only be available to participants on the corresponding day assigned to them in the program. As for the communication and poster certificate, at least one of the authors must log in on the day corresponding to Moodle and answer any questions that other participants may have in the virtual forums. Once this requirement has been validated, the organizing committee will send the certificate by e-mail.