The deadline for sending communications is extended until November 12

Any author, or coauthor, registered can sign a maximum of three proposals. These proposals may be prepared in Spanish, English or Portuguese.

All signatory authors must be registered and have paid the corresponding payment. And to receive the certificate, at least one of the authors must answer the possible questions that may be asked by the attendees on the date assigned in the program.

Proposals can be of different types:

  • Oral communications. This will be a video about 10-15 minutes of duration in which the authors will explain their work. In this video, it is not necessary that the authors appear, but it is essential that their voices are heard. They must be videos where a presentation (eg Power Point or Prezzi) appears with the authors' voice commenting on it. You can download here the template proposed by the Scientific Committee.

  • Poster. In this case, it is a PDF with DIN-A4 size where the experience is brief and graphically explained.

  • Symposio. It consists on a video of 50-60 minutes duration in which the coordinator briefly explains the contents of the symposium, followed by 4-5 oral communications on the same subject.

The procedure for submitting papers will be as follows:

  1. Submission of the abstract: Through the "Online submission" section of this website, a Word document will be sent with the full name of all authors, institution in which they work, contact email, title of the proposal, abstract (between 200 and 300 words) and keywords (between 3 and 5, sorted alphabetically). In the case of the symposium, the coordinator will be responsible for uploading the symposium´s title, full name of the coordinator, institution in which he / she works, contact email, symposium summary (200-300 words), keywords (3-5 words, sorted alphabetically) and a brief professional review of the coordinator, followed by the title, authors, filiation, email, summary and keywords of the 4-5 communications that make up the symposium. In any case, whether oral communication or symposium, proposals must be sent before november 1, 2017. Download here the template proposed by the Scientific Committee

  2. Evaluation of proposals. The scientific committee will evaluate the proposals following the peer review procedure, and the organizing committee will then communicate the result of the evaluation to the authors before november 20, 2017.

  3. Submission of documentation. Through the previous section "Online submission the authors will upload a file with their work (video for oral communications and symposia, and PFD in the case of posters). The deadline is november 30, 2017.

Publishing the abstracts

All abstracts will be published in a book of records with ISBN. The best communications, at the discretion of the scientific committee, may present their work in an extensive format (approximately 15-20 pages); For more information see the section "Awarded Communications". Likewise, the symposia will also be invited to present their works in an extended format.

University of Alcalá