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ABC Regional Conference at the University of Alcalá, 2018

Dates: July 11-13, 2018 (pre-conference workshop July 10th).

THEME: The ethics of/in business and professional communication

The ABC Regional Conference aims to encourage scholars from a variety of disciplines to bring their different perspectives in a dialogue about issues related to ethics in business and professional communication. 

Professionals - aware or unaware - face many questions regarding ethics in and of their everyday communication practices. From persuasive and manipulative techniques used  with an aim to align readers with specific ways of understanding the world (Llopis, Breeze and Gotti, 2017) to endevours to communicate honestly, in a transparent, accurate and precise way (Raman and Singh, 2006), the acknowledgement of ethics is crucial in all areas of organisational life. 

This conference addresses the issue of ethics - its expression as well as its legitimization - from a multidisciplinary approach, inviting proposals from the fields of discourse analysis, (applied) linguistics, communication studies, organizational scholarship, management studies, business communication training and coaching, and further, practice-related areas, like marketing, branding, customer service industry, financial studies and similar.

Organize: Sponsors:
Universidad de AlcaláAssociation for Business Communication Dpto. Filología Moderna Universidad de Alcalá Instituto Franklin de la Universidad de Alcalá