We invite scholars and practitioners to address questions regarding:

•  the production, and interpretation of texts and interactions from an ethical perspective,
•  the use (or abuse) of communicative strategies and tactics in persuasion, manipulation or the endeavor of ethical communication, as well as
•  broader questions related to discourses of legitimization in corporate, political or media contexts.

Some suggested topics include

•  Persuasion/manipulation in business discourse
•  The expression of professional ethics in corporate discourse
•  Discursive practices of corporate identity
•  Leadership and management communication, employee-branding, employee buy-in, motivation.
•  Greenwashing and pinkwashing 
•  Crisis communication
•  Discursive legitimization of corporate activity in politics and the media
•  Customer-service interactions, complaints, apologies
•  Ethics in healthcare settings
•  The ethics in/of business communication training

We invite proposals for individual presentations (20 minutes) and panels. The main theme of the conference is English but we also invite papers in Spanish.

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Universidad de AlcaláAssociation for Business Communication Dpto. Filología Moderna Universidad de Alcalá Instituto Franklin de la Universidad de Alcalá